Voice Recorder

Feature rich, easy to use and the vital tool to improve production and efficiency.

Voice Recorder is integral to all BPO operations in order to ensure higher efficiency, track transactions and improve agent performance. iTech Ventures Voice Recorder (SIP and IP based) is feature rich, fully integrated and works seamlessly with existing solutions or as a standalone application.

We owe our success and growth to our strengths, which are.

  • Records all conversations, inbound and outbound for quality assurance purposes, training, evaluation of staff performance and resolution of disputes.
  • Inbuilt database to allow call searches and logs.
  • Security of data, allowing access to only authorized supervisory personnel.
  • Supports a variety of formats.
  • Includes voice logs, reporting, monitoring and centralized control of distributed workforce.
  • Easy to use interface

With years of experience in delivering IT solutions to call centers, much effort has gone into development of a voice recorder that answers all requirements of a variety of call centers and their specific requirements. Customizable and modular, voice recorder we offer is the product of intensive efforts yet it is affordable and as always, backed by our 24×7 support.

Benefits of Voice Recording:

Benefits of voice recording are big for small as well as large business with very less cost involved. Some benefits of Voice recording are:-

Gather the details of customers you might have forgotten by voice or call recording you can talk to the customer more attentively and later on in playback you can save some information which you has missed to note down while talking.
Give training to your team / employees more effectively by monitoring the Voice Recording the managers can give tips to the young employees for improving customer service. In this way the agents improve their skills plus customers also get improved service.
Know your customer better the marketing team of your company can use the recorded voice to better understand the customer and their trends thus ensuring growth of sales in longer run.

Give better services and products the R&D team of your company can use the voice recording of the customers to enhance the products and their features.