Voice Broadcasting

Unprecedented wealth of features, unprecedented ease of use and maximized performance.

iTech Ventures has developed Voice Broadcasting Service which is best fit for international Call Centers, BPOs and NGOs. Using our Voice Broadcasting Solutions you can send your custom voice message to thousands of individuals which can be potential customers automatically and immediately.

Some of the benefits of our Voice Broadcasting Solutions are listed below:

    • Includes web based auto dialer with easy to do settings.
    • Can target selected list of potential customers in specific geo locations.
    • Can improve your efficiency and save time.
    • Less staff is enough to generate large business.
    • Easy to use and user friendly Web based user interface.
    • Automatically generate statistics, Generate more leads from voice call blasting.
    • Save lots of cost and invest more in future growth.

Can provide services at more attractive price.

Ultimately increase your revenue and net profit.

Using iTech Ventures Call Broadcasting Solutions you can easily record a voice message, schedule it for a particular time and broadcast it to thousands of people. You can send your voice message directly to voice mail or a live call. Our solutions are fully customizable.

Higher Lead Generation

We can run a lead generation campaign for you if you can provide us a targeted phone list. We have been providing Voice Broadcasting for last 10 years and have generated thousands of sales leads. Our Voice Broadcasting Service has been found to be a trusted system for national as well as international leads for a huge number of services.

iTech Ventures Voice Broadcasting adds yet another dimension to productivity and enhanced performance for BPOs and call centers. Developed as the outcome of research into requirements of local as well as international call centers, this product allows voice broadcasting as well as voice mail broadcasting to select lists of targets in specific geo locations.

Now call centers can improve efficiencies still further and do much more in a shorter time with less staff and thus gain more revenues or deliver more affordable services.