Telemarketing Services

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Telemarketing is a type of direct marketing technique in which a telecaller directly markets about any product or services to any customer using telephone or face to face marketing. Telemarketing can be done from home, office or call centres.

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iTech Ventures will be a partner with you in providing Telemarketing and Sales Services. With our telesales services your business will increase beyond boundaries, your revenue will soar to new heights and ultimately it will lead to much higher net profits for your organization.

You can contact our Telemarketing Consultant if you want to avail Telemarketing Services.Our telemarketing services includes.

Marketing in business is done to reach out the potential customers. But it is not that easy task as it can be very expensive and time consuming. Your employees have to spend lots of their time in answering phone calls, helping out the customers. These things can decrease productivity in your company. Hence Telemarketing Services are best fit for you as they provide cheaper alternative to handle marketing related tasks and reach out to your customers.

Telemarketing services we provide are:

B2B (Business to Business Calls), Lead Generation, Market Research, Appointment Settings, Seminar and Even Registration, List Development, Contact Verification, Customer Service, Technical Support.


Daily Reports, Call Completions Report, Number of Refusals Report, Digital Recordings, Multiple Languages Are you looking for Outbound Telemarketing or Inbound Call Center Services? The whole process is depicted as follows

Client Consultation and Scripting, List Management and Database Programming, Call Center Executive’s Training & Product Knowledge Sessions, Live Calls, Supervisor Monitoring and Quality Control, Database Enhancement, Report & SALES Lead Distribution.

Our comprehensive bouquet includes lead generation and management, appointment setting, database, market intelligence, product promotions, research surveys, up-sell & cross sell, cold calling and follow up segments for inbound and outbound processes. Based in India but with a global reach and trained staff with proven expertise, we deliver results at far lower costs.