Retail Packages

Manage chains and millions of products and customers with supreme ease..

We are up there with the best when it comes to meeting requirements of a challenging retail environment. Our sophisticated IT retail packages factor in everything from a retail chain´s perspective. Versatile, modular, scalable and flexible, our IT Retail Packages are designed to suit every type of retail operation: from local to multinational, from a few branches to hundreds, from grocers to department stores and from a few product lines to thousands. Market research and understanding of the way each retail segment works underlines our sophisticated and tailored retail packages.

iTech Ventures retail IT solutions covers multi channel operations, merchandising, inventories, managing point of sales data with tie in to back end accounting and analytics, supply chain management and customer management as well as relationship modules in a fluid, scalable package you can pick and choose according to your operational strategy.

Features of our Retail IT Solutions:

Easy to learn and use

Our Retail IT Solutions are easy to learn and use as it has an intuitive and user friendly interface. We can also provide training if required.

Powerful Reporting and Analysis

We develop such kind of Retail software so that you can use the data for reporting and analysis so that you can take better decisions for the growth and success of your company.

Developed by Creative and Experienced Team of IT Professionals

Our Retail Software is developed by young, dynamic and creative team of IT professionals which have rich experience in delivering such solutions to a large number of retail companies all over the world.

24*7 Full Technical Support

We also provide 24*7 Full Technical Support so that you can call us anytime regarding our Retail Software and run your business smoothly.

Our advanced solutions incorporate warehousing, shipment, barcoding and material handling tied to inventories control and to get prices right to be more competitive and attract more footfalls, derived from our data management and analytics. With our retail solution in place, retailers never have to worry about shrinking margins, revenues or customers. Prevent losses, optimize product selection and movement from shelves, satisfy customers and keep on increasing revenues with our Retail Packages designed for your continuing prosperity.