Predictive Auto Dialer

Intelligent and Smart, Reduces Time and Effort, Maximizes throughputs and Revenues.

Intelligent and Smart, Reduces Time and Effort, Maximizes throughputs and Revenues iTech Ventures Predictive Auto dialer is the outcome of years of development factoring in feedbacks and user experiences as well as wish lists from our numerous call center clients. The current iteration is feature rich, easy to use, free of bugs and works responsively and effortlessly in any environment. Major features:

  • Auto dialing of pre-entered telephone lists.
  • Screen unnecessary calls, busy signals, answering machines and then connect when called party is online.
  • Customizable options to assign virtually every feature to unique batches of calling agents.
  • Software optimized predictive auto dialer incorporates the latest in technology to work seamlessly with faster computers and high internet speeds, reducing cost of operations and allowing flexibility of deployment, even to remote calling agents.
  • Automatically respond to questions, route to live agent, integrated SMS and email management, compile data and feed records to CRM.
  • Plan campaign strategies, implement multiple options, customize call pacing and compliance.
  • Allow agent interaction and implement set of rules.

Predictive Auto Dialer is very much beneficial for the Call Center industry. The main purpose of Call Center is to benefit the company by providing excellent customer service. For more productivity the agents must be used to maximum time and effect and that implies speaking to the right customer at the right time.

iTech Ventures Predictive Dialer helps in achieving this by automatically dialing large number of telephone numbers and filtering live and successful calls to the available agents. We have implemented powerful algorithms to determine who to call and at what time thus ensuring highest efficiency for call center agents.

Main benefits of a predictive auto dialer are:
No Wastage of Calls : calls are less wasted and customers are happier.
Easier Management of Leads: Our predictive dialer software can filter out “Do not disturb /DND” numbers and process the desired call lists only very quickly.
Growth in Revenue and Profit: witness exponential growth in their sales and profits. Calls are smarter, agents are more efficient, and customers are more receptive.