IT Support Consultancy

The right guidance at the right time for the right outcome at the right cost.

iTech Ventures offers end to end IT support consultancy. Given that IT powers operations of an enterprise at all levels from HR to customer management and from vendor management to manufacturing, a company cannot afford to make the wrong choices that would necessitate expensive revamps. iTech Ventures serves as your IT support consultancy partner. Our consultancy provides

  • Full support and guidance for selection of right hardware and networking implementations in a safe, secure environment.
  • Project scope, business process design, financials and technical aspects.
  • Expert guidance and assistance in selection of the appropriate software solutions aligned with your business objectives.

iTech Ventures first fully understands about your business and then customizes our IT Support services to meet your requirements. We always deliver solutions which exceed our customer’s expectations.

iTech Ventures has designed and developed many services and solutions which are specially created to help you improve efficiency and productivity within your organization. iTech Ventures provides IT Support Consultancy in three areas viz:

IT Application Specification

If you don’t know exactly what is your requirement then talk to us and we will provide full service and best project for you. It involves Requirement Gathering, Application Design, Website Design, and Content Management Systems.

IT Management and Support

Talk to our Consultant to have this option in which we will manage for you. We will ensure that right strategy is implemented to fulfill your goals. It involves Management and Operation of IT systems, IT Strategy – Development and Review, Infrastructure Strategy – Development and Review, Business Continuity Planning.

IT Procurement

You have selected the company or supplier but you don’t know how to proceed next and get a best deal then Talk to our Consultant. It involves Requirements Gathering, Product selection, Procurement management, Client-side representation, Development of agreements.

Staffed by experts in market research and IT technologies, our teams combine diverse skills and years of experience to bring you versatile IT Support Consultancy to help architect a foundation that will be the cornerstone of your success.