Software Development

For over 5 years iTech Ventures has been providing a full spectrum of Software Development Services to so many companies around the world. We deliver customizable and flexible solutions to meet your time bound requirements in most professional way. We are very well experienced in all phases of Software Development and follow the best practices like Agile Software Development Process. Our major aim is to deliver high quality services at most affordable rates so that with the help of software we can develop our customers save cost and expand their business.

Key Features of our Software Development Services :
Flexible : Our Software development services are flexible so that you can use it over a period of time and expand some of its features as per the market scenario.
Cost Efficient : Our Software are cost efficient as they are affordable and cheaper as compared to similar software solutions by our competitors.
Time bound : Our Software Development Services are delivered in time bound manner.
Efficient : Our services are efficient for you in terms of hardware and resources as we lay a emphasis in optimization of our services.

Website Developement

We are among the most promising and fastest growing Website Development Company and deliver customized website development services in India and all over the world. We follow Agile Software Development methodologies and provide services for Static , Dynamic and E-Commerce Websites , Portals Development. Website Design and Development is key to the success of companies now a day in their business hence we understand your requirements carefully and provide you with the best website design and services possible. Our aim is to provide you an edge in the business so that you can become winner among your competitors.

Key Features of our Website Development Services :
Affordable Website Design: We offer custom website design services at most affordable rates hence you need to spend as much price which comes under your budget and we deliver quality website for you.
Custom Website Design : We offer custom website design services which can be modified and extended as per your future requirements of your business.
CMS based Development : We provide website design and development based on WordPress, Magento, Joomla etc using cutting edge technology.
SEO Services : We provide professional SEO Services to make your venture a success on internet and beyond.

CRM Development

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a software that allows the companies to maintain all records of the customers at one centralized location that is accessible from all divisions of the company. Mainly it is implemented such that the entire process of marketing, sales, customer service and support are well managed and streamlined and all these processes can access the common customer data to provide them with excellent customer service. Thus ultimately it helps to enhance the sales and profit of the company.

Key Features of CRM Software Development by IQ Infotech :

  • Our CRM Software can track the customer interests, needs and buying habits in a longer period of time and help the marketing team to better analyze the trend in the market.
  • Our CRM Software can track the use of product by customer and help in changing the strategies if requires.
  • Our CRM Software can help in customer satisfaction in longer run as these technologies remove all the loopholes from the system.
  • Our CRM Software helps in repeat customers for your business.

Database Maintenance

iTech Ventures is a pioneer in the Database Maintenance Services space and has been providing Database Administration (DBA) Services for more than 5 years. iTech Ventures manages 100s of databases of our clients from all over the world. iTech Ventures team of database administrators is expert in following databases : Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL,, PostGreSQL etc.

Key Features of our Database Maintenance Services :

    • Deep technical knowledge and possess expertise in DBA.
    • Bring your total cost of ownership of Databases significantly down.
    • Experience of architecture, configuration and management of complex ERP solutions, database migrations for many companies around the world.
    • Our services includes : Database Administration and Security, Database Health Check, Database Optimization, ERP/Database Vulnerability assessment.
    • iTech Ventures enables many global companies to reduce database incidents by 40% and can improve the availability of databases up to 99.99%. You can save 40% by using our services and over 10% yearly saving by our recommendations for improvements.

Retail Packages

Join the 100s of retail stores who are using Retail Software Packages developed by us. We provide Custom Retail Package which can best fit as per your requirements. Our Retail Software provides point of sale billing, inventory control, financial accounting, payroll management, customer management etc. The best part about our Retail Package is that it is ready to use, customizable, simple to setup, use and manage. We provide full training for our Retail Software which your employees can learn in quick time and you can concentrate on your business and grow rapidly.

Key features of Retail Packages provided by IQ Infotech:

  • Our Retail Package is all in one single platform for your Retail Store and you don´t need to maintain separate software for Point of Sale (POS), back office and store.
    We provide regular enhancements based on the feedbacks we receive from our customers and retail experts.
  • We have a dedicated team of retail experts which makes sure best retail practices and processes are implemented.

Graphic Designing

It is said that a picture speaks louder than a 1000 words. Similarly a professionally well designed website, logo, brochure can convey much more about your company and its products and services. Graphics Designing is an art which presents your marketing though creative and innovative graphics. Therefore Graphics Designing is in great demand for various advertising, communication and print requirements. A graphics design which is excellent, it not only stands your ahead in the competition but also effectively do marketing of your products or services and take your brand forward.

  • We have most creative and talented graphics designers who will work for you.
  • We use latest cutting edge technology Software for graphics designing like Adobe
    Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw etc.
  • We offer attractive yet affordable graphics design solutions.
  • Time bound services to keep you always ahead in the market.
  • Integrated website designing and graphics design services.

IT Support Consultancy

Sometimes the decision who to turn for specific IT advice can be difficult. If you are looking to implement new technology in your organization or just want to evaluate your existing IT Strategy you will need expert advice from expert people in this field so that you can reaffirm yourself that your business is going in the right direction. iTech Ventures can help you in any IT project you are going to undertake. If necessary we will provide you with expert guidance on your current IT infrastructure and also will guide you about your future needs and goals regarding your IT Strategy.

  • iTech Ventures provides full support and guidance so that you can select right hardware for your company which is of best quality, safe and meets your requirements.
  • iTech Ventures provides guidance related to Software project regarding its scope, design, financials and technical.
  • We also provide expert guidance in selection of right software solutions and technology for your business as per the requirements.

Printing Solutions

We are specialist in digital printing services and we work closely with some of the world leading organizations, publishing companies, academic, advertising agencies, graphic designers etc. We are always committed to deliver very high quality, fast and affordable digital printing solutions to our clients all over the world. If you are looking for Digital Printing Solutions and needs work like related to digital short run, commercial custom printing solution, business cards, labels, packaging, book printing and more than we are the right choice for you. We offer these :

  • Highest Quality Digital Printing Services available specially for you.
  • Lowest price, most affordable and maximum ROI (Return on Investment).
  • Time bound service.
  • Digital Printing Services for SMB and Corporate.
  • We cover national as well as international clients.