E-mail Marketing

Major results, minimum costs with targeted campaigns that increases customer base.

Email Marketing is a technique by which the company can market about its product or services to global customers by using Email Blasting Software in which it can send 100s of multiple email messages at once. Email has now become a common medium for online correspondence by which people can exchange their E-message. iTech Ventures specializes in bulk email marketing services. Benefit of Email marketing is that you can very fast convey about your product or services to the potential customers instantly with full information so that they can read it and decide better.

Benefits of Email Marketing Service.

You should look at the ways by which you can increase the customer’s satisfaction and also look for adding more customers to your list. iTech Ventures Email Marketing Service which is easy to use and affordable can help you in achieving this.

Maximize your Marketing ROI

  • Email Marketing is 25 times more cost effective then other conventional media.
  • Spending very less amount on Email Marketing Service can generate traffic to your websites or office.
  • It is much cheaper to market to existing customer then to new customer and our services can help you in this.

Increasing Customer Royalty and Profits

  • Old relationship with customers drives more profits.
  • Email is an effective way to create new customers or to maintain a long term relationship with you existing customers.
  • Using iTech Ventures Email marketing service you can easily send newsletters, promotion, campaigns about new products of service in most easy way to your customers email list.

Get More Sales Conversions

  • Start a sales process, use your important data and generate more business through your website.
  • Our Email Marketing Services can help you to communicate at very fast speed.
  • Normally the response to a campaign can happen in 24-48 hours which is very less compared to marketing by other media.