Database Maintenance

Safe, secure, reliable and versatile database solutions from experts for your peace of mind.

Database Maintenance is a process which is used to maintain the smooth functioning of the Database. There are many Database Systems which are being used like MySQL, Oracle, PostGreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server etc. If you are looking for SQL Maintenance Support or Oracle Database Maintenance Services then do contact us.

Maintenance of Databases is done by Database Administrators (DBA) which are specially trained for this purpose. iTech Ventures is one of the best Database Maintenance Companies. iTech Ventures provides various services like SQL Maintenance Support, Oracle Database Maintenance Services. iTech Ventures is one of the best Database Maintenance Companies.

  • iTech Ventures performs various tasks related to Database Maintenance like checking whether Database is corrupt or not, removing duplicate entries, checking for other problems, checking and removing any other abnormality in the databases.
  • The database which is not maintained well becomes slow and don’t respond well to the queries and ultimately becomes sluggish. We provide expert support to overcome such types of issues of Database Systems.

Some of the tasks related to Database Maintenance which our DBA performs are:-

    • Creating a Backup and Restore Strategy.
    • Re-building indexes and Removing index fragmentation.
    • Doing Database consistency Checks.
    • Managing the Size of the data.
    • Managing the Log files.
    • Creating Statistics.

Data is the key to your company’s growth strategy. Also it is need in all kinds of research, planning, marketing etc. Hence it is very important to keep the data safe, error free and intact. iTech Ventures has a team of database specialists who can handle any databases regardless of the platform to which they are linked, such as Oracle, Microsoft and SAP to name a few. In addition to these business-oriented activities we also handle database maintenance to conform to internationally accepted quality norms. With us powering your databases, you can leap ahead and top the competition while saving costs, labour, time and money.