Call Center Services

Quickest resolutions, streamlined services, highest customer satisfaction.

iTech Ventures is a premium provider of US Based Outsourced Call Center Services. If you are running a Call Center or BPO and you are now fed up with the huge telecommunications costs, many hurdles and now want to streamline whole of your Call Center Operations then you can choose iTech Ventures Call Center Services and Solutions. The best part is that it offers Best and Cheap Call Center Services.

We provides US based outsourced contact center services at cheapest rate.

Some of the major features of iTech Ventures Call Center Services and Solutions are:-

Unified Communication Channels

You can Unify all of your communication needs like phone, text, fax, email and social media at a single much advanced platform. You will get quality services from iTech Ventures, best Call Center Service Provider.

Low Initial Cost with No Maintenance

iTech Ventures Call Center Services and Solutions are innovatively build which are cloud based and involves low initial cost with no hardware and no maintenance cost in future.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

iTech Ventures provides you with a platform by which all of your technical support, customer support, sales and marketing become well managed therefore you can provide excellent customer service to all of your customers.

Hosted, Flexible, Scalable, 99.9999% Reliable

The solutions provided by iTech Ventures are hosted thus 99.9999 % live uptime. These solutions are also customizable as per your requirements. These are also scalable and you can easily expand your seats in your call center business.

iTech Ventures reinvents the way call center services are delivered. Our implementations across inbound, outbound, lead generation services, answering services or technical services set new standards and redefine quality as well as operational efficiencies. Strategies, innovations, blend of hardware and software characterize our call center services. Versatile, modular, scalable and flexible in nature, our services suit any size of operations guaranteeing quickest responses and resolutions.

iTech Ventures have end to end provisioning including interactive voice response, dialers, lead management division, reporting and supervisory consoles, CRMs, voice recording and fullest of internet communication technologies integrated into a fully supercharged service that delivers fullest satisfaction at all levels.