Call Center Services

iTech Ventures is a proven leader in innovative and flexible Call Center Solutions. Customers are very important to any business and it is also important to keep the old customers as well as to induct new customers. Call Center Services can help the companies to do both the task through inbound and outbound services. By through the mouth publicity by satisfied customers you will gain even more customers. Our Call Center Solutions are designed and developed after doing lots of research and they can fulfill all the gaps in your Call Center so that you emerge as a winner among your competitors.

  • We offer following inbound Call Center Services Customer Service, Answering Service, Technical Support and Help Desk Service, IVR etc.
  • We offer following Outbound Call Center Services Telemarketing Services, Voice Broadcast, Lead Generation, Market Research, Follow up etc.

Answering Services

iTech Ventures provides professional Answering Services. The main benefit of our phone answering service is that it provides both the existing customers as well as the new potential customers the ability to communicate with your company during its off hours. Most of the businesses don´t open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. If calls are missed it may be a missed opportunity. We provide professional answering service which work during the off hours of the company.

  • If you are unavailable to answer the phone the caller is routed to the one of our agent.
  • The caller will be greeted by our agent using the scripted provided by you and his or her contact info is saved.
  • This information is forwarded to you by email, text or fax.
  • After that you can take decisions when and how to respond to the caller.
  • Starting at $25 per month our Call Answering Services is most affordable.
  • You will never lose a business opportunity.

Customer Care Services

iTech Ventures provides expert Customer Care Services. iTech Ventures has expertise across different businesses and includes acquisition, support, service, loyalty and retention. As now customers have lots of choices hence efficient call centers services are must to retain and gain business. iTech Ventures has more than 5 years of experience as a leading Customer Care Outsourcing company.

iTech Ventures can make your customers happy and satisfied. Companies from all over the world have utilized our services to remain connected to their customers all the time of the day. Using our Customer Care Services you can easily streamline the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) process in order to achieve high growth rate.

Increase Customer Satisfaction: By providing self serving and multi channel contact option for customers increases the customer satisfaction and fastens the processes.
Cut Operational Costs: As you don´t need to manage Call Center employees hence cuts your costs as number of employees required are easily flexible which you don´t have to manage yourself.
Create Customer Centric Offering: You can create more customer centric offering in terms of products and services.

Technical Helpdesk Services

Now in today´s customer centric world it is very important to provide Technical Helpdesk Services to your customers so that you achieve excellent customer satisfaction. Hence companies need to transform their technical support into very high performance system. IQ Infotech provides Technical Helpdesk Services for companies all over the world. We have a technical support team which is highly experienced, trained and certified. We provide excellent service and we also provide Technical Helpdesk Services in 3 levels.

Level 1 Technical Support: In Level 1 Technical Support we provide following services : Call Logging, Information Gathering, Verification, Providing Technical Support Solutions, Call Escalation etc.
Level 2 Technical Support: In level 2 Technical Support we provide following services : Problem Diagnosis, Problem Identification, Providing Guidance, Troubleshooting, Escalation Management, Updating Database.
Remote Support: In remote support we provide following services : Installing software on System/Remote Servers, Remote Administration of System/Servers, Securing PC/Server, Installing and support for Linux, Support for firewall/routers, Support for MS Office/Windows 7/8, Support for Outlook, Support for Printers, Support for Emails, Online desktop management.

Telemarketing Services

Telemarketing is an effective way to increase the sales and profit in a business. Telemarketing actually allows the small businesses to expand beyond boundaries in national or international region. Sometimes reaching to more prospective customers can take longer time but still as more customers will be connected to your business by telemarketing, it will definitely generates leads which eventually turn into actual sales. IQ Infotech provides Telemarketing Services which involves lower cost than employing a new sales force. Thus saves lots of your money. Some of the advantages of IQ InfoTech´s Telemarketing services are :

  • Saves cost as Outsourcing Telemarketing to us you don´t need to hire new sales force. iTech Ventures Telemarketing is much cheaper option.
  • iTech Ventures can help you to expand in other sales region locally, nationally or internationally.
  • iTech Ventures Telemarketing services will also help you to always stay in touch with the customer which is a great way to get to know about client´s needs and builds a better relationship in longer run.
  • Also it will improve customer satisfaction which will lead to higher profit for your organization.

Contact Center Suite

Contact Center Suite is a software product that includes multiple integrated software components used in a Contact Center. This suite provides the Contact Center with everything which is needed to perform Contact Center Operations in a single platform.

iTech Venture shas developed a robust and advanced contact center suite based on Asterisk. IQ Infotech has many years of Research and Development experience in related cutting edge technology prior to developing Contact Center Suite. We provide Contact Center Suite which is scalable, flexible and has powerful features like ACD, Skills Based Routing, Queue Prioritization, Mobile Agents, Hot Desking, Real-time Queue Overflow Management, Real-time Supervisor Alerts, Detailed CDR with Call and Agent activity, Real-time and Statistical Reporting.

  • Visual Call Flow Builder: It contains IVR and Dialplan which gives powerful functionality to the Contact Center operations.
  • Auto Dialer: It comes bundled with Advanced Auto Dialer which can delete the unsuccessful calls from the system and can boost the talk time and productivity of the agents by upto 3 times.

Predictive Auto Dialer

Predictive Auto Dialers are Auto Dialers which are used in outbound call centers. Predictive Auto Dialer helps a team of call center agents to connect and talk to the contacts much faster. Predictive Auto Dialer dials a preselected list of contact numbers one by one in sequence. The successful calls are connected to the free agents while the unsuccessful calls are deleted from the system. Hence in other words Predictive Auto Dialer actually automates the task of dialing the preselected list of numbers.

  • The main advantage of predictive dialer is its ability to predict when the next call is going to get connected and when the next agent is going to become free so that he can take the new call. Hence a predictive dialer can initiate new call even when the agents are still busy on other calls.
  • Also as the agents can spend more and more time on calls talking to customers rather than trying to connect the calls as this time is already deleted by Predictive Auto Dialer.

Voice Recorder

iTech Ventures voice recording software solution is specially designed for enterprises and is a very critical application to keep compliance and quality control measures in place. With IQ Infotech voice recording software enterprises can deploy the call or voice recording feature that best suits their existing operations and requirements with a variety of options for inbound and outbound call recording.

  • Can Record continuously all inbound and outbound calls which can be used for quality assurance, training and feedback etc.
  • You can check the details of customer even afterwards which you might have forgotten to note down during the call.
  • The marketing and R&D team of your company can listen and analyze the recording to do better marketing and to update or upgrade existing products and services.
  • You can scale easily and seamlessly from a single site system to a distributed, multi-site enterprise environment.

Voice Broadcasting

iTech Ventures has developed Voice Broadcasting Solution which is perfectly fit for Call Centers, BPOs and Government Agencies. You can use Voice Broadcast to send custom voice broadcasting message to thousands of individuals instantly. These custom messages may contain alerts, updates, marketing message, promotions or notifications. Hence voice broadcasting is an easy and cost effective way to send your custom message to more people in very less time. Therefore Voice broadcasting has many benefits and application for many types of industries. iTech Ventures voice broadcasting is simple to setup and is a very easy way to send your custom message with a personal touch.

Using iTech Ventures voice broadcasting solution you can easily record your message which you can send to thousands of your customers, employees, subscribers in few seconds.

  • iTech Ventures Voice Broadcasting solutions are hosted on cloud servers hence you don´t need to invest in hardware or software. You can easily do voice broadcasting using internet from a web based online portal.
  • iTech Ventures Voice broadcasting solutions can be customized as per your requirements.
    You can easily setup a DND i.e. Do not call list for your voice broadcasting campaigns.