Answering Services

Fluidly responsive, friendly, result oriented for customer retention and quick resolution.

iTech Ventures provides answering service which is actually a Virtual Answering Service by which any call to your company at anytime day or night can be answered by our virtual receptionists. They are specially trained for this purpose so that you can provide excellent customer service. The potential customers will turn into real and satisfied customers and you can also retain your old customers.

iTech Ventures provides Best Answering Services. iTech Ventures is one of the best automated answering services providers. If you are looking for small business answering services then iTech Ventures is the best choice for you.

Features of iTech Ventures Answering services are:

Make your mark – Great First Impression

A phone call is mostly the first interaction of your customer with company. If you want to impress them in the first call itself then you can go for our live answering services. The callers will turn into potential and real customers.

You can roam free – No Need to be on desk all the time

Under our Answering Services you will receive calls wherever you are as our virtual receptionist will forward the appropriate calls to you. Hence you can roam free and still connected to the office calls.

Excellent customer/caller satisfaction

As all of the calls will be answered in very perfect and professional manner hence you can rest assured that there will be always excellent customer/caller satisfaction.

Increase your profits

As hiring a separate well trained employee to pick the call is a costly affair hence you can rely on our Well Trained Staff and save a big chunk of your money which will enhance your profit significantly.

With iTech Ventures answering service in place you can follow your routine timings and schedule and leave it to our expert staff to handle callers at any odd hours, 24×7, 365 days a year. Whether it is a potential customer, an existing one or someone just inquiring, we have a person actually responding to their calls instead of an answering machine and this in itself gives a great sense of satisfaction. Our staff members handling answering services familiarize themselves with products, services and expected queries. Save costs by outsourcing as we have skilled and trained personnel available. Customer satisfaction also helps drive business growth. Our services are available for individual professionals, small and medium enterprises, large institutions and manufacturing industries.